Christmas Letter 2022

Hi Everyone 2022 has been a really busy year and I've been catching up on travelling and doing all those things none of us have been able to do for 2 Years!

Early in the year I went to the Netherlands to visit Emma and Jan and family - I had so much fun I went twice.

In June I travelled to Corfu and "sailed" round the Greek islands.

In July I cycled from Split to Dubrovnik - gosh it was hot and very hard work but thank goodness for the ebike, it was brilliant fun!

I did stay at home for bits of July and August and celebrated summer with friends. We stayed in Yurts in Wales too!

I went to Cyprus in September which was great fun.

In October we celebrated Aunty Megan's 90th Birthday. 

I had a fantastic week with the Girls in Gran Canaria.

In November I went to Bhutan - It's been on my list for 20 years!
It was a fantastic "trip of a lifetime" The Highlights included climbing up to the Tiger's Nest Monastery and the Black Necked Crane Festival. I'll link to the photos soon I'm trying to sort through the 3500 that I took. 

Closer to home I finally made it to see Mamma Mia in London.

It's been another long year without mum and dad, we're still trying to sell the house in Deddington which is proving difficult in the current economic climate but hopefully things will pick up.

There have been some sad times - 
Colin my foster brother who lived in Turkey sadly died in August.
Aunty Megan (Dad's eldest sister) died just before Christmas. 

I managed a quick trip to the Netherlands to see Emma before Christmas and will put some photos in as and when I have time.

I've signed up for another charity cycle ride next year! I'm riding 100km overnight around Manchester in September 2023. If you can please sponsor me Sian's ride the night Manchester 2023.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2023!

love Sian and Jim the Cat

(Jim's been well looked after during my travels and spoilt rotten in case any of you are worrying! He's hosted parties and sleepovers and almost eaten Amazon out of Dreamies!)

Christmas Letter 2021

Hi Everyone 2021 has been a really tough and sad year. My dad died suddenly in May and them mum went quickly downhill and died in July. They both had long and fun lives and did manage to celebrate their 65th Wedding anniversary on 31st March. 

This photo was taken a few years ago in New York outside Smith & Wollensky where we had the most amazing steak!

There are so many happy memories but Christmas will be tough this year !

I've been travelling down to Deddington almost every week to see Anne and start sorting the house. 

Jim the Cat has been fantastic company this year he's travelled down to Deddington with me and been my virtual dinner companion - he even got dressed up and wore a bow tie!!!

In September I cycled 300 miles in 30 Days for cancer research if you would like to sponsor me my page is still open 300 miles in 30 days

Like everyone else I've not travelled as much as though I did spend a lovely week in Spain in September and I've just come back from an amazing weeks Cruise in the Caribbean. Caribbean Photos

It's been great to be back singing together as a choir and we  started back singing outside at Tutbury Castle which was a brilliant setting and we've managed a few outdoor events carol singing in Tutbury.
During lockdown we recorded lots of songs and have our own You Tube channel Harmonics Choir  It was lovely to use our recording of You Raise Me Up at both Mum and Dad's funeral as singing wasn't allowed during lockdown.

Singing at Tutbury Castle

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2022!

love Sian and Jim the Cat

Hi Everyone 2020 will definitely be a year we all remember as one like no other!!!! I was very lucky at the start of the year to get away on holiday but since then I've been home, on zoom or down at mum and dad's. I do however have a new friend - Jim the Cat ( Jim and I internet dated (thanks to the RSPCA) and then got together in May!

I had a brilliant week in February in the Caribbean on my first cruise
It was an ideal combination for me boats and bicycles! Little did I know then lucky I was to get away!

At the very end of February we had a lovely Jones family reunion in Chiswick it was fantastic to see everyone.

In March I went to London and became a Liveryman of the Worshipful company of Engineers.

Then Lockdown and my life moved to Zoom!

Choir on zoom, Coffee morning on zoom, mum and dad on zoom
Hats on for choir        Link to  Choir on YouTube                                                     Wine delivered from Italy

Coffee Morning zoom                              Zoom Quiz

Doorstep wine across the road , compost delivery , doorstep food deliveries!

Jim the cat has a new Home

As you can see Jim has quickly grasped the technology and loves to zoom! He also loves Dreamies!

In June we celebrated the summer solstice with a live feed from Stonehenge too! 

In August we managed a mini festival (garden).

I've been day tripping in my van mainly in the Peak District but I did make it to the beach and Anthony Gormley's Another Place. It's been great to be self contained and cook breakfast and go on a bike ride.

Mum's not been so well since last year so I've been backwards and forwards to Deddington to help Dad and Anne who are looking after her brilliantly. Mum celebrated her 89th Birthday in October and dad was 92 in November.

I celebrated my 60th in November - it was made very special by all my friends - there will be a big party when we can meet up again!!!

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2021!  

Hi Everyone 2019 has been a year of adventures closer to home. I've done some travelling and spent lots of my time in my camper van in the Netherlands, at festivals and in Scotland. I've been elected a Parish Councillor, cycled 100km around Edinburg and become a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Engineers and a Freeman of the City of London.
I played a minion in "Welcome to our Village Please invade Carefully"

I spent time at Festivals

I've been in The Netherlands - Helping my friends Emma and Jan build their new house. It mainly involved trips to the tip and expanding my dutch vocabulary to include words for scrap wood and hardcore!!!

I did manage 2 trips to Amsterdam the first with Emma in June - I loved the Rijksmuseum.

and then the 2nd to meet my friends Janice and Lance for lunch - they were over from Canada.

Sadly I lost my friend Gnasher the cat on 13th June. 

In July I cycled 100km around Edinburg for Ride the night - gosh it was tough and the hills!!!!!!!!
I also met up with Keith and Eileen in Moffatt and Sandra and Jimmy in Dundee!

In September I spent a lovey 2 weeks in Cyprus - lots of swimming, boat trips and a fascinating trip to Famagusta.

In October I was made a Freeman of the City of London - we had a lovely few days in London with lots of the family.

Mum was 88 in October and Dad was 91 in November. Mum hasn't been too well recently she had a UTI that meant she  and dad were struggling to cope at home. Mums spent the last few weeks in Featherton House Care home in the Village where she's been looked after very well and is much better hopefully we can get her home soon.
Dad is well, many of you will follow dad's daily Facebook updates from Deddington.

I'm cycling around London next year for Charity if you would like to sponsor me this is the link to my just giving page Sian Ride the Night 2020

I've been shopping for the food bank today instead of sending cards.
Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2020!  

Christmas 2018
Hi Everyone 2018 has been another excellent year!
I've been travelling again!
In February and March I travelled to the Galapagos with Meg - What an amazing experience, it's a truly magical place that exceeds all expectations. My photos are online. Galapagos

I took the Camper Van to the Netherlands for the first time in April to see Emma and Jan and stayed in the garden of their amazing new house.

I rode the Night May for Women vs Cancer thank you all for your donations I'm cycling around Edinburgh in 2019 for this amazing charity Sponsor me 

I finished riding the night at 7am and then set off for a brilliant cycling holiday in Puglia. 

I had great fun at some festivals Bearded Theory and Rock and bike were great fun and watching Lindisfarne live was a real step back to memory lane!

In June Meg and I went down to Penzance and met up with Val who we met in the Galapagos the highlight of the week was the Minack Theatre

Sadly I lost Minnie at the end of June she was 181/2 and a grand old girl! 

I had a fantastic 2 weeks in the Azores in August it's an amazing place with great walking and brilliant whale watching.

I September and October I had the most amazing holiday cycling in Japan! My Photos are on the web Japan 2018
I cycled the Shimanami Kaido, Survived 2 Typhoons and had a brilliant time cycling the Noto Peninsula. I even managed to be interviewed on Japanese TV!

In November it was Dad's 90th Birthday we had a lovely meal with his 3 sisters. Mum and dad are both well and many of you will follow dad's daily Facebook updates from Deddington.

I'm currently having great fun in Panto I'm playing Sunbeam the ageing hippy in the Snow Queen.

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2019! 

Hi Everyone 2017 has been an excellent year.

This year has been a catch up year and I've been travelling! 
In February I spent 4 weeks in Japan - it was amazing although I'd been many times before for work this was my first holiday. I spent 2 weeks on a tour and then 2 weeks travelling around and even managed to catch up with old friends in Toyota City and have a retirement party.
In April I spent a lovely girly week with Emma in Tenerife.

May was Portugal Cycling and walking and sunbathing!!!. 
At the end of May I cycled 100km around London and raised an amazing £1162 for Women vs Cancer Ride the night - Thank you all for your support. I'm riding again next year click here if you would like to sponsor me Sponsor Siân 

In June I went sailing again to Greece with Solos.

In July I went on a challenging cycling holiday cycling over the Corbiere Hills without any battery assistance! It was brilliant and lovely to meet up with Andrew again.Cycle the Cathar Castles
At the end of July I flew to Corfu to crew a yacht and got my RYA Competent Crew It was an amazing week sailing 263 Nautical Miles with Zephyr Sailing.

September was busy! I cycled in the Dolomites and went to Venice came home for a day and went to Crete, visiting Spinalonga and the Palace of Malia. 

In October I went back to Corfu and had another great week sailing and qualifying as a Day Skipper.

Mum and dad are both well - Dad has quite a following with his daily Facebook posts from Deddington.

Minnie and Gnasher are both happy though they are getting on a bit now they'll be 18 next March!

I'm fine I've just had my 2 year mammogram which was clear. I don't know how I managed to fit in work before I retired! 
I'm busy with The Village Hall, The Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Mickleover Players.
I'm currently playing the Burgomeister in The Pied Piper and loving every minute of it!

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2018! 

If you missed the sponsorship opportunity it's

Hi Everyone I didn't write a Christmas letter in 2016 - It wasn't such a good year however 2017 is looking good!
October 2015 - Breast Cancer
November 2015 - Retired
January 2016 Chemo  
July 2016 Finished radiotherapy
I met some wonderful people on my journey and had some really positive experiences!

I travelled to the Netherlands to see Emma, Jan, Junior, Janne-Fleur and Paris-Belle. I had a great time sailing in Greece and a brilliant 2 weeks in the Seychelles

Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2015!

Hi Everyone its been another busy year

At Easter Mum Dad and I spent a lovely week in the Netherlands with Emma and her family it was great to show mum and dad this lovely part of the world.

At the beginning of May I went on a cycling holiday to Cappadocia in Turkey! It was great my favourite bit was the early morning balloon ride!

I went to the Loire Vally in August. We travelled by train, drank champagne and found refreshment in the vineyards! I'm going back next year to do it all again!

Following the cycling theme - in September I cycled along the Canal de la Garonne on a gourmet cycling tour with friends Jayne, Meg and Fiona. We cycled 325km and sampled the most amazing food and wine!
 I had a hysterectomy in September so had to have a few months off work but am starting the journey back to fitness and will be cycling again in the new year!

My target is to be fit again by the end of May when I'll be cycling 100km around London for my choosen charity Women vs Cancer. Women-V-Cancer-Ride-the-Night-2015 Please make a donation to my just giving page!

I'm going to spend some time with mum and dad this Christmas they are both well. Minnie and Gnasher will be cuddled too!

Thank you all for your cards and news I do enjoy catching up with what's going on. I've sent more emails than cards this year - I'm donating the money to my ride the night fund rather than the post office!

Sian xx

Last year in case you missed it 2013

Early in the year I spent a lovely week in the Netherlands with Ema and Jan Junior Curt, Janne Fleur and Paris Belle. We had great fun hunting for Easter eggs and playing on the beach!

I had a great time at the Bearded Theory festival at Keddleston Hall and at the Beverley Folk festival in June.

In August I spent two weeks in Cuba Oh what a lovely holiday - I loved it! Cuba is a bustling and vibrant country my favourites were Mojitos in the Hotel National, Havana Old Town, and Trinidad - all of it!

I sampled a lot of Mojitos and as a result of my extensive research I can definitely say the best Mojitos in Cuba are served in the Garden Bar of the Hotel National overlooking the Malecon!

I swam in the rivers and danced to the music! 

The old cars were amazing click on the slide show to the right to see more photos.

In September I cycled along the Canal du Midi it was a fantastic holiday a brilliant combination of exercise (224Km) , wonderful scenery, good friends and the most amazing food and wine!

I loved the amazing locks and we watched the grapes being picked and sampled the wine! 

 I even managed to cycle up into the mountains to see the castles of Las Tours

I'm going to spend some time with mum and dad over Christmas , they are both well. 
Minnie and Gnasher are fine too 

Thank you for all your cards and news I do enjoy catching up with what’s going on.
I've sent more email than cards this year I've donated some money to Macmillan instead of the post office!!!

My main charity activity for next year is a bit of a mad cycle ride!
Please sponsor me if you can spare a few pounds 

I will be cycling 100Km through the night around London for 

Women vs Cancer to sponsor me please click on the link

Keep in touch love Siân x

This is 2012 in case you haven't seen it

I've signed up for the Cancer Research UK Dryathlon! No Alcohol for the Whole of January! Now that's a Challenge!

Well it's the 1st December and I'm writing my Christmas letter!
I'm currently in Panto we're Performing Beauty and The Beast - I have a small role playing Madame La Folle - The owner of the lunatic asylum!

It's been a busy year - 
I went to the Maldives in February - a wonderful escape to the sun and turquoise sea!

I moved departments at work and have been making a new car.

In March and April I spent 7 weeks in Japan as well as work I did some traveling and finally managed to see the Snow Monkeys in Nagano.

I visited Kobe and Hiroshima too - The Cherry Blossom at Miyajima was amazing.

I travelled to Guyana in August - it was an amazing experience the pictures are on the right - I did have a number of "get me out of here" moments and probably won't do another holiday which spends 14 days in primary rain forest! The highlight was the Keiteur Falls an amazing waterfall often deemed number 2 in the world!

The rest of the year has been busy at work with the launch of the new Toyota Auris.
 Mum and dad are well I'm spending some time with them at Christmas.

Minnie and Gnasher have forgiven me for abandoning them for 7 weeks whilst I was in Japan - I have some amazing friends who organised their own rota to look after them!

Thank you for all your cards and news I do enjoy catching up with what’s going on.
I'm not sending as many cards this year I've donated the money to Macmillan instead of the post office!!!

Keep in touch love Siân x

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find me on facebook.

This is 2011 in case you missed it!

The 50+ celebrations continued in February with a "Red or Dead" party at my house - Any excuse to dress up as a pirate! 

I March i went skiing to Morzine in France it was a lovely week up in the mountains however not uneventful - I managed to tear my calf muscle nearly in half so spent the next few months working hard to fix it!

In May I took the trike to the Nabd Rally which was great fun. 

I went to Botswana, Namibia and Zambia in August which was amazing. I spent 3 days on a House Boat in the Okavango Delta, 2 days at Victoria falls and the seven days wild camping in the bush! Hi lights include White Rhino in Zambia, Leopard, and a pack of wild dogs - photos are to the right - click on the to see a slide show.

September was busy at work - I spent 6 weeks working a our French factory in Valenciennes helping them with the new Yaris launch - the food was excellent, speaking french was fun but I did miss the cats!
Minnie and Gnasher are fine - sadly we lost Scraggly cat in January he was a very old boy.
Mum and Dad are fine and have been up to Derby regularly. Mum celebrated her 80th Birthday in October!

I had a 50 plus one party in November more lanterns and lots of dancing til 3am!

And now to sort out the rest of the Christmas shopping and write the Christmas cards!!!!!

Thank you for all your cards and news I do enjoy catching up with what’s going on.
Keep in touch love Siân x

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Oh and I'm off to Guyana for my next big Holiday.

2010 in case you missed it!

This year has been a lot of fun – I’ve been suffering from “I’m nearly 50 fever” and using it as an excuse to do things I might not normally do! 

I bought a Trike!  It’s fantastic fun and an excuse to wear black and pink leather!!
Mum and Dad
Mum and Dad are loving living in Deddington just around the corner from Anne, Tony, Phoebe and Francesca. Mum’s still being kept busy catering for the grandchildren and their friends who pop in for food – Dad’s online! They had a great cruise to the Caribbean this year.

I went to Oman at Easter a lovely week of relaxation, snorkelling and sleeping under the stars.  

In August I went to Brazil – wow what and amazing vibrant place – Rio, Iguassu, The Pantanal, The Amazon and Salvador – I loved it!!!! I travelled with Explore and met a fantastic bunch of people. Click on the photos to the right to see more pictures

My 50th Birthday in November was great fun – I had a party and we let off 60 Chinese lanterns which was amazing!

Then I went to the Maldives for a week and swam with Manta Rays!! More pictures to the right!
Fund Raising Many of you have helped with my fund raising – my chosen charity this year has been British Heart Foundation following the loss of two very dear friends. 
In 2011 I’m going to raise £191 (or more) for MacMillan Nurses– not decided how yet so watch my blog!

Other bits of news
I loved being "Best Man" at Emma and Jan's wedding this Summer it was a wonderful day!

I’ve just finished playing Queen Lovey Dovey in Cinderella (Prince Charming’s mum)Minnie and Gnasher are well, Scraggly Cat is definitely on his 9th life at 19 years old - he’s very thin and scraggly but while he’s still demanding chicken and stealing it from the worktop I’ll keep him going with treats and love!

Thank you for all your cards and news I do enjoy catching up with what’s going on.
Keep in touch love Siân x
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